Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council Council is a vehicle for parish members to share in the pastoral mission of Jesus Christ and the Church in a specific location in the Archdiocese. It does this by developing Catholic identity, promoting evangelization, and fostering stewardship.

The Council strives to build a community of disciples who recognize their baptismal calls to lives of holiness, witness and service.

The Council engages in a continual process of pastoral planning, which takes into account the needs and priorities of its parishioners, the Archdiocese, the broader community, and the world.

Pastoral Council meetings are held on a regular basis, no fewer than six times each year. Parishioners may submit agenda items for consideration to the Executive Committee. The Council meetings are open to members of the parish who are welcome to attend as observers. Meeting dates are listed on the parish event calendar.

Pastoral Council Chair John Nygaard can be reached by email at jnjnygaard@gmail.com.

More information about the structure and purpose of Pastoral Councils can be found on the Archdiocese of Milwaukee website.