Parish School to Start Strategic Planning Process

St. Mary Parish School has a long history of providing quality Catholic education for families, thanks to the teachers and staff at the school, and the dedicated involvement and committed support of our parents, families, and parishioners. We would not have this legacy without you – and we are incredibly blessed and grateful. 

We don’t take it lightly that you have entrusted us with your children, and we want to continue to be a trusted partner in the education and formation of future Catholics. We are approaching this goal intentionally, with the development of Msgr. Shecterle a long-term strategic plan that will provide a renewed vision for our school’s future. We also recognize that objective, well-researched, and candid direction will be needed if we are to do this successfully. With that in mind, we are partnering with faith-based planning firm, Meitler to assist us. Meitler has a 50- year history of conducting strategic planning processes that empower and support Catholic institutions, so we are confident in their expertise. 

In the coming months, St. Mary and Meitler will work collaboratively to analyze all aspects of school life. Our goal is to strengthen areas of school life that are most effective while we look for opportunities to grow. The overall objective of this process is to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for St. Mary Parish School that will be mission-driven, visionary, long-range, comprehensive, achievable, and integrated. (Think of it as a roadmap we will use to guide planning and decision-making)

The result of this process will be a plan that provides a comprehensive path for action focusing on the four primary “domains” of school life, as outlined by The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECES). These are Catholic mission and identity, academic excellence, strong governance and leadership, and operational vitality.

Meitler has already begun meeting with school staff and parish leadership. Parents, teachers, parishioners, and community members will be invited to participate in the planning process throughout the next few months, in a variety of ways, from serving on the planning team to participating in surveys or interviews. Everyone will have an opportunity to share their concerns and insights to ensure long-term sustainability. 

We ask for your prayers as we embark on the planning study for the successful future of St. Mary Parish School.

Msgr. Ross Shecterle, Parish Administrator
Fr. Andrew Linn, Associate Pastor
Linda Joyner, Principal
St. Mary Pastoral Council