'Love One Another' Focuses on the Future of Our Faith

Last weekend before each Mass, we played a video about  the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Love One Another Capital  Campaign. Then, after Mass, Fr. Linn and myself were  available to try to answer any questions you might have  about the campaign. During that time, we noticed there  are a couple of points of confusion we’d like to clarify. 

To review: The Love One Another Campaign is a forward- looking, five-year campaign that is an Archdiocesan  initiative to benefit both the greater faith community and  individual parishes. Our campaign goal at St. Mary is $1,996,411 with 60% of that  coming back to the parish and 40% going toward expanding and enhancing  critical Catholic ministries throughout southeastern Wisconsin.   

The Love One Another Campaign is an initiative that is distinct and separate  from other important initiatives that provide the financial foundation for our  parish and the Archdiocese. For example:    

  • The Annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal is an Archdiocesan annual  campaign to fund four key areas: serving the needy, strengthening parish  ministries and promoting evangelization; supporting Catholic schools/religious  education; and forming priests and deacons, and their annual budget.   
  • Parish Stewardship, Annual Appeal and Offertory Gifts are donations that are  made to fund our current operations and the annual budget in our parish.    Because each of these efforts serves a different purpose, it is important to  support each of them, as you are able.  

If you have not already, very soon you  will be receiving a mailing to invite your participation in the Love One Another  Capital Campaign and a pledge card to complete.     While we have no way of knowing what pledge you can consider, or what other commitments you may have, know that your pledge will help us accomplish so  much for our parish, the Church, and our Community.     
If you have already made your pledge, thank you! An acknowledgement letter  will be mailed to you soon. If you’d like to give online, you can do so at  bit.ly/loagiving  Under the “Select a Parish” Drop Down menu, St. Mary can be  found listed as M16 - St. Mary Parish -  Menomonee Falls.