'Love One Another' Campaign Aims to Strengthen Our Parish and the Archdiocese

I am excited to share that St. Mary Parish is in the planning phase of our participation in the Archdiocese/Parish Love One Another Campaign. 

You may have already heard or read articles in which Archbishop Jerome Listecki has shared that the purpose of the Love One Another Campaign is to prepare for the next generation of Catholics in our 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin. Its goal is to raise pledges totaling $150 million for needs in our parishes, helping the poor, and providing new and strengthened Catholic ministries across the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. 

The primary focus of this campaign will be our most urgent needs to sustain the viability and enriched nature of our community here at our parish. We have been working to outline and identify those needs with the guidance of our pastoral council, trustees, lay-leaders, parish staff, and other councils. The remainder of the funds will be used in support of the poor and those in need, furthering vocations, Catholic education, and so much more. 

All parishes will eventually be involved, and we look forward to doing our best and involving you in this momentous legacy that we seek to leave behind, just as those before us left what we now call our parish-home. 

Just to clarify, the Love One Another Campaign is an initiative that is distinct and separate from other important financial initiatives that provide the financial foundation for our parish and the Archdiocese. Here is how they differentiate: 

  • Love One Another Campaign: This is forward-looking, five-year campaign that is an Archdiocesan initiative to benefit both the greater faith community and individual parishes. 
  • Annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal: This is an Archdiocesan annual campaign to fund four key areas: serving the needy, strengthening parish ministries and promoting evangelization; supporting Catholic schools/religious education; and forming priests and deacons. 
  • Parish Stewardship and Offertory Gifts: Donations that are made to fund the current operations of our local parish. 

In the coming months I will share more details of what the Love One Another Campaign initiative will entail for our parish and Archdiocesan missions and ministries here in Southeastern Wisconsin.