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Fr. Rick, God's Blessings In Your New Assignment // 3.24.19

Posted by Clare LoCoco on 3/26/19

This past Monday, Fr. Rick met with the Vicar for Clergy and was told that the Archbishop has asked him to be reassigned in June. The actual assignment is unknown at this time, yet it will be announced when all clergy assignments are posted in May. We wish him ... Read More »

Sunday, March 17, 2019 - "Exciting New Updates"

Posted by Clare LoCoco on 3/21/19

Dear Parishioners,

As Catholics, we recognize the True Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist, but as humans, we occasionally need help to get into the “holy mindset” for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. How is this accomplished? How do we learn to focus upon the Divine, when ... Read More »

*Supplemental Ad Orientem Literature from Summer '18*

Posted by Clare LoCoco on 3/12/19

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass celebrated “ad orientem”


     Dear Parishioners of St. Mary and St. Anthony the Hermit,


     Many of you have inquired about my openness to praying the mass ad orientem, that is, the priest and the congregation facing toward “the east”, from ... Read More »

Ad Orientem Masses + Parish Holy Hours

Posted by Clare LoCoco on 3/12/19

Question: What are “Ad Orientem” masses? Why does St. Mary’s offer them?



Dear Parishioners,

In the past year and a half of being stationed at St. Mary’s, you may have heard me announce our Saturday morning Ad Orientem masses. You may even remember that I had an ... Read More »