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Join Us: May 30 for St. Mary Parish School Strategic Plan Presentation

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 5/16/23

Strategic Plan “Town Hall” Meeting on May 30

When we launched the Strategic Planning process, it was important that we hear from all of our stakeholders, and we appreciate your continued engagement and candor. Strategic planning is a collaborative process, and your voice and participation is vital. As a ... Read More »

'Love One Another' Focuses on the Future of Our Faith

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 10/24/22

Last weekend before each Mass, we played a video about  the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Love One Another Capital  Campaign. Then, after Mass, Fr. Linn and myself were  available to try to answer any questions you might have  about the campaign. During that time, we noticed there  are a couple ... Read More »

Parish School to Start Strategic Planning Process

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 10/24/22

St. Mary Parish School has a long history of providing quality Catholic education for families, thanks to the teachers and staff at the school, and the dedicated involvement and committed support of our parents, families, and parishioners. We would not have this legacy without you – and we are ... Read More »

Sanctuary Project Progress Report

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 10/19/22

Over the past few months, we have been deeply blessed to see some long-discussed Sanctuary restoration projects and Church updates slowly unfolding. During the summer, significant altar tilework restoration was completed - with additional tile repairs planned. More recently, we have completed updates on the choir loft, including replacing ... Read More »

Join Us: Eucharistic & Marian Procession is Oct. 9

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 10/01/22

About a year ago, we started a new tradition of leading a Eucharistic and Marian Procession in October to give public witness of our faith and devotion toward the Holy Sacrament and our Blessed Mother. This year, we will continue this tradition on Oct. 9 after the 10:30 am ... Read More »

What is Your Story of Stewardship?

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 10/01/22

A couple of weeks ago, I announced at Mass that in anticipation of the official “kick off” of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Love One Another Capital Campaign, parishioners in our faith community would share their stories of stewardship.

Stewardship, simply put, is how we live our faith and share ... Read More »

Congratulations to Our New Deacons!

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 9/12/22

This weekend, I am very excited to celebrate the ordination of two new permanent deacons in our faith community: Dcn. Mike Reeseman and Dcn. Lance Tappa. Longtime-parishioners of St. Mary, Dcns. Reeseman and Tappa and their families have long been active members of the church, and we are blessed ... Read More »

The Catholic Faith will Only Flourish with Strong Roots in Parishes and Families

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 8/29/22

This time of year, many of us are blessed to enjoy an abundance of fresh-picked vegetables, straight from the garden. Fertile soil, the optimal amounts of sun and water, and attentive care by the gardener are important to cultivating a garden that thrives, but we also have to dig ... Read More »

Many Hands Make Light Work: Join Us as a 'Love One Another' Campaign Volunteer

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 8/29/22

Last weekend (Aug.13-14) during our pulpit announcements, Fr. Linn and I spoke about the Love One Another Campaign. This is an opportunity for our faith community to invest in needs of our parish and support important Catholic ministries for the poor and those in need, Saint Francis de Sales ... Read More »

'Love One Another' Campaign Aims to Strengthen Our Parish and the Archdiocese

Posted by Kristen Kubisiak on 7/28/22

I am excited to share that St. Mary Parish is in the planning phase of our participation in the Archdiocese/Parish Love One Another Campaign. 

You may have already heard or read articles in which Archbishop Jerome Listecki has shared that the purpose of the Love One Another Campaign is ... Read More »