St. Mary Christmas Ornament


The St. Mary Ornament is a beautiful representation of our Blessed Mother Mary. The dainty and elegant shape will sparkle on your Christmas tree and serve as a wonderful gift for the holiday season!

Live Jesus, Love Mary

To live Jesus is the primary call of every Christian, as we are asked to become Jesus for others, taking to the ends of the earth the good news about the salvation He won for us. In this imitation, Jesus tells us to “be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Mt 5:48) Quite the demand! But God never asks of us anything that we cannot attain, even when He is asking us to become like Himself. And so, He gives us the perfect model and guide, a Mother to nurture, support, and teach us how to live Jesus.

When we love Mary, we seek to imitate her, as a child seeks to imitate and please His mother, and we learn from her what it means to live for and with Jesus. Just as the Father put Jesus in Mary’s loving care, so too should we place ourselves in her loving arms. There in her embrace, we learn to live Jesus

Ornament Price:  $12 each

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