Councils, Commissions & Committees

There are 5 Commissions of the Pastoral Council.

  • The Prayer & Worship Commission nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical and communal prayer life of the community. The members collaborate with the pastor and staff in this area of mission on liturgy preparation, the training and formation of the various liturgical ministers, and the formation of the assembly about the sacraments and liturgy.
  • The Christian Formation Commission promotes and develops opportunities for lifelong faith formation aimed at personal conversion and growth in faith. The members collaborate with the pastor and staff in this area of mission on programs of evangelization and catechesis.
  • The Human Concerns Commission discerns and responds to the needs of persons in the Parish, the wider community and the world by identifying resources to meet their needs and enlisting the active cooperation of Parishioners. The members collaborate with the pastor, staff, and other organizations and agencies in service, advocacy, justice education and empowerment of people.
  • The Stewardship Commission educates and promotes the giftedness of all parishioners and the responsibility of disciples to steward all resources. The members collaborate with Pastor and staff to develop strategies and practices in the various facets of stewardship.
  • The Christian Education/School Commission promotes and develops Catholic education. The members provide advice to the pastor and education administrators regarding policy development, school finances/budget development, strategic planning, marketing, and educational/informational aspects of the Parish mission. The commission has committees or subcommittees to carry out these areas of responsibility.

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Prayer & Worship Commission

The PRAYER & WORSHIP COMMISSION has multiple responsibilities as it fulfills its ministry to nourish and provide direction to the liturgical and communal prayer life of the community. The commission may have committees, such as environment, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, greeters, and lectors. It is comprised of 5-6 individuals who have interest in this volunteer ministry. These are the oversight responsibilities of this commission:

  • Seasonal Planning for Environment and Liturgy
  • Music Selection
  • Eucharistic Minister training and development
  • Lector training and development
  • Sacristan oversight
  • Usher training and development
  • Mass Server training


Christian Formation Commission

The CHRISTIAN FORMATION COMMISSION develops within the Parish, awareness that the Parish community has the responsibility for promoting the educational/formational aspects of the Church’s mission. This commission is advisory to education administrators in the design, implementation and evaluation of the total Christian educational and formational programs in the Parish. The commission may have committees, such as evangelization, child ministry, youth ministry, young adult ministry, adult and family ministry, and vocations.


Human Concerns Commission

As a faith community, St. Mary Parish endeavors to put our Catholic faith and Catholic teachings into action through service to our community, our neighbors, our state, nation and the world. Our HUMAN CONCERNS COMMISSION is a ministry which assists parishioners in knowing their faith through outreach and social justice. The Human Concerns Commission is the ministry through which the Parish promotes respect for life and dignity of each human person by implementing and supporting programs in our parish, the community at large and even broader reaches. The commission may have committees, such as pro-life, meal program, and food pantry. The commission does this through 4 main areas of action: Education, Direct Service, Advocacy and Empowerment. Specific areas of Human Concerns Commission support are far-reaching and include:

  • Voices for Justice
  • Pastoral Care Visitations to Hospital, Nursing Homes and the Homebound
  • Clothing Drives for Guest House and Northwoods Trading Post
  • Hope Network
  • The Giving Tree & Christmas in July programs
  • St. Ben’s
  • Menomonee Falls Food Pantry and the S.H.A.R.E. Program
  • Financial support for national charitable services (e.g. Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities)
  • Financial support for local charities: Open Door Café at the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, Interfaith, Wisconsin Right to Life, Project Rachel, Eyewitness for Life, Casa Romero, The Hope Network, Rosalie Manor Community and Family Services, Repairers of the Breach, Hebron House of Hospitality, Diocesan Inner City Parish Schools, Burmese refugees
  • The Franciscan Peacemakers Clare Community and Sandwich Drops
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Bereavement Ministry
  • Senior Socials
  • Sponsorship of St. Mary Parish Youth Mission Trips


Stewardship Commission

The STEWARDSHIP COMMISSION works to educate parishioners in their responsibility as disciples of Jesus to be faithful stewards of all resources. The commission members collaborate with the Pastor and staff to develop strategies and practices which invite all parishioners to share time, talent, and treasure, and initiate an annual renewal of those resources. The Commission may coordinate the efforts of various work groups to assist in the areas of welcoming new members, Greeter Ministry, hospitality, evangelization and planned giving and participation in the various ministries of the Human Concerns and Prayer/Worship Commissions.


Christian Education/School Commission

The CHRISTIAN EDUCATION/SCHOOL COMMISSION assists in the development of long-range plans for the school and actively seeks opportunities for collaboration. It fosters continued growth and development of excellence in education. A variety of committees and work groups assist the School Commission in advancing this mission. They include, but are not limited to the areas of: Finance; Advancement; Policy; Planning; The Annual Appeal (Development); Home and School, and Athletics.


Finance Council & Committees

There are 5 subcommittees of the Finance Council. They are noted on this chart.

  • The Budget Committee carries out the work of the Finance Council regarding preparation of the annual Parish budget. It is comprised of 5-6 individuals who have various areas of expertise in financial and budgeting areas.
  • The Investment Portfolio Management Committee is comprised of the 2 lay trustees and the chair of the Finance Council and at-large Parishioners at the discretion of the Pastor. They monitor restricted general funds and make recommendations to the Pastor on changes within the portfolio. This committee also monitors the Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds.
  • The Personnel Committee is comprised of the Director-Administrative Services, the Chair of the Finance Council, the 2 lay trustees, and 3 additional members appointed by the Pastor. These additional members have various areas of expertise in management, human resources and benefit administration.
  • The Building & Grounds Committee is comprised of 4 Parishioners and the Manager-Building & Grounds. These Parishioners are appointed by the pastor and have varying career backgrounds including engineering, wood-working, plumbing and carpentry.


Other Committees

Elizabeth Ministry: Our purpose is peer ministry to those parents who are expecting, who have newborn children naturally or through adoption, or parents who are trying to conceive or who have lost children. Elizabeth Ministry also gifts new parents at Baptism preparation and at the time of Baptism and a three-month follow-up. To receive services from Elizabeth Ministry or to become an Elizabeth Minister, please call Geri Roskopf or Sister Jane Mary.