Planned Giving



Stewardship is a word we most often associate with “Churchy” things and especially with the Church wanting our hard earned money.

However, part of the notion of Stewardship is expressed in our concern and care for the next generation.

If we see everything as a gift from God that is given to us on loan, then we must care for this gift so it can be passed on in good condition. Obviously caring for the earth and it’s resources flows from being a good steward. The same logic applies when we look at our parish, its school, its programs and its resources as gifts from God. Most of us today did not build this parish; we inherited it from our parents and those who have gone before us. Even our founding members did not build this parish alone. Many generations have built upon the work of their predecessors. Stewardship teaches us that we have been given a gift in this community and we need to not only use that gift but to care for it so that future generations of our parish will benefit from what we leave behind.