Parish History

The beginning of St. Mary Parish

Commemorating 100 Years of the Laying of the St. Mary Cornerstone


One hundred years ago, God called the men and women in Menomonee Falls to journey to Him as a community of faith. Shepherded by Christ, these Catholics took matters into their own hands and ventured into Milwaukee to speak with the Archbishop. Permission was granted for the establishment of a new Church.

The laying of the St. Mary Parish cornerstone marks a historical time . . . . . . the villagers broke ground in November 1904 and over the winter months, the men hammered and chiseled their way through three feet of limestone. To insure the work continued, the villagers held a bazaar which netted about $3,000. Buoyed by the increased financial support, the workmen completed the foundation by early Spring of 1905.

The construction of the church proper rapidly proceeded as the design of the new worship space took shape. A festival-like atmosphere surrounded the laying the cornerstone on May 28, 1905. Over 600 people participated in the festivities. To commemorate this event, several articles were place in the cornerstone.

Today, we are called to recommit our parish to God’s divine plan. You and your families are invited to give thanks for the graces God has bestowed upon our community of faith. On Pentecost weekend, May 14 / 15, we celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Laying of Our Cornerstone. During all the Masses, our Pastor, Reverend Gregory J. Greiten shared with all the spirit of our ancestors by reading some of the document that were placed there.

Journey with us through the retrieval of these cornerstone artifacts…………


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