Athletic Board Members


Position Name Email Phone
Athletic Director Joel Moeller 414-550-4079
CYM Basketball Coordinator OPEN  
CYM Volleyball Coordinator OPEN  
Athletic Center Scheduler Kelly Kelley 262-751-8327
Boys Basketball Coordinator Tim Brock 414-617-3375 
Concessions-Scheduling Chuck Schur 414-828-0830
Concessions-Purchasing Richard Lynch 262-347-8134
Concessions-Treasurer Jenifer Burgess 414-745-5941 
Website Management John Wiese 262-212-5807
Equipment Coordinator Linda Salentine 262-751-3535
Girls Basketball Coordinator Dan Holloway 414-213-7482
Registration/Sign up Erin Holloway 414-975-6757
Secretary Katie Pomroy 262-224-4564
Track Coordinator Erin Holloway 414-975-6757
Treasurer Rick Roemer 262-224-1416
Volleyball Coordinator Jill Jansen 262-628-3015
Volleyball Tournament Coordinator Tammy Mamayek 414-217-9732
Basketball Tournament Coordinator Kevin Griffin 414-324-6256
HPUST Coordinator Mike Kelley    


Other Contacts
John Loberg Building and Grounds 349-1574   (cell) 255-4235   (office)
Paul Wettstein Custodian 262-844-8543  
To call the Concession Room Phone
Dial the school office at 262-251-1050 then extension 115